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Vision Manifesto

Web3 and digital democratization is the next pivotal phase of the startup job sector. With a vast market opportunity, we stand at the precipice of a new employment era.
The shift to a decentralized way of working has left behind aspects of traditional employment that are no longer fit for purpose. Unfortunately, there have been unintended collateral damage, namely, employment benefits.
Perhaps the most critical benefits are the workplace retirement and pension scheme. The move to Web3 has inadvertently resulted in a growing workforce with little to no pension savings.
Pen-X serves this seismic shift via a simple, passive, and cost-efficient DeFi protocol that offers the industry's first decentralized pension fund.
Imagine a movement that enables the workers of Web3 to securely save for their retirement without trusting centralized pension schemes and greedy banks.
No hidden fees. No complex language. Open and democratic. Accessible regardless of wealth, nationality or employment status.
The Pen-X mission is precisely this; to give the next generation of Web3 businesses a critical pension infrastructure that will accelerate their employee's path to financial independence and offer them complete control of their retirement pot.
As part of this mission, we invest 10% of Pen-X's management fees into non-profit Web3 research projects that help make Web3 a safer workplace.
At Pen-X, we believe that everyone in Web3 should be protected by a decentralized pension scheme and deserve to look forward to retiring one day. Whether in seven years or twenty-five, everyone deserves to look forward to growing old.
Support our fight and share this whitepaper with your colleagues if you believe in forging a new path towards open and safe employment in Web3.