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Protocol Overview

The Pen-X Protocol is the digital product behind Pen-X, designed via smart contracts for organizations to integrate a decentralized pension fund straight into their payroll systems.
It enables workers and employers to contribute to a retirement pension plan without jeopardizing privacy and security.
The Pen-X Pension Fund is our underlying investment vehicle.
It's a diversified basket of assets wrapped in a secure ERC-20 token ($PXLT). We use yield farming and volatility-controlled strategies to achieve long-term retirement savings for the workers.
The Pen-X Fund is currently being built on the Set Protocol.

Fund Directive

The core directive of the Pen-X Fund is to provide simple DeFi investment vehicles with significantly lower risk profiles than typical blockchain assets, allowing for viable long-term investment.
It is 100% backed by the underlying assets and redeemable at any time, which keeps the employee's risks as low as possible and rewards as high as possible.

Self-Directed Lock-In Period

Unlike traditional retirement funds, at Pen-X, employees are in control of their lock-in period to maximize their savings.
When signing up for Pen-X, employees select their desired retirement year (a minimum of 7 years from the sign-up date). While members can withdraw capital before their completion date for a fee, Long-term saving is incentivized with the Pen-X Longevity Reward Scheme.
This documentation is a working document. Inspired by the DAO Community, Pen-X will continue to expand and improve its product offerings over time.