Pen-X Documentation

How To Invest

For Organisations

For Organizations Whether you run a DeFi DAO, launched your own NFT project or manage a gaming guild, we collaborate with anyone who wants to give retirement security to their team.
Please reach out and ask about our partner bounty program.

For Workers

No matter if you work for a Web3-Organization, NFT-Project, or Gaming-guild and want to learn more about how you can get your decentralized pension, reach out to our customer care. We will set your Web3 Pension up within minutes.
If you know a colleague who could be interested in Pen-X and profit from our affiliate program.

Earn Rewards

Every month, as a Pen-X investor, you will be rewarded with $PENX governance tokens, proportional to the amount you have invested and how long you have kept your investment in Pen-X.
Read more about the Pen-X Longevity Reward Scheme.