Fees Overview

How are fees used?

Apart from the Network Fee, all fees are accrued to the Pen-X DAO treasury and remain under DAO control. As determined and voted on by the DAO Community, they are used for expediting growth.

Revenue Sharing

We are keen to introduce a revenue-sharing utility to the PENX governance token in the future.
Revenue Sharing would redistribute profits from the DAO to the most loyal Pen-X members, contributors, and investors. As a result, this can offset, and even exceed, streaming fees for long-term members.
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Fee Structure

Pension Platform Fee

To ensure seamless integration with compensation and payment protocols DAOs, Pen-X levies an annual Pension Platform Fee charged linearly over the investment lifetime.

Fund Management Fee

To maintain the best returns for our investors, an annual management fee is collected linearly over the lifetime of the investment.

Buy Fee

A buy fee is collected when new funds are introduced to a Pen-X Fund. The buy fee is denominated in the bought token (e.g. PXLT). The buy fee is a critical part of the system as it is a solid deterrent to bots trying to manipulate the price.

Network Fee

The blockchain collects the network fee. This fee is an absolute amount that varies based on the current network conditions on the blockchain network.

Unlock Fee

The Unlock Fee comes into play if the employee unlocks his pension before the predetermined end date. The fee is calculated based on how early you withdraw funds: the earlier, the higher.