Fund Management

The Pen-X DAO manages its fund via the Set Protocol, a robust and well-audited protocol to manage tokenized fund.
At Pen-X, we care deeply about our members and those who invested their pensions with us. For this reason, we only hire the best and most experienced Fund Managers & Finance Data Analysts who are fully committed to creating secure fund strategies for the workforce of Web3.
Supported by the voting proposals of our Pen-X DAO members, the Finance Unit creates data-driven strategies, which are formalized in an Investment Strategy Proposal (ISP), that are then again voted in by the Pen-X DAO.
Read more about Pen-X DAO Governance and the Investment Committee, including how the committee is selected and how the Pen-X DAO votes on ISPs from the committee.

Rebalancing & Fund Maintenance

The Pen-X Pension Fund is maintained through monthly rebalancing in two phases:

Calculation Phase

The Calculation Phase is entirely concerned with calculating how to implement the strategy and not devising the strategy.
Any decisions requiring voting should be completed before the beginning of the Calculation Phase and the results published in advance.
The Calculation Phase takes place during the third week of the month and is completed by the last Friday of each month. During this phase, the changes required for the next rebalance are decided and calculated by the Finance Unit.

Rebalancing Phase

The Rebalancing Phase occurs on the first business day following the month's Calculation Phase.
During the Rebalancing Phase, fund components are adjusted, added, and deleted as per the instructions published after the calculation phase.