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Join The Team

We are looking for contributors, part-time employees, and full-time employees to help shape the design, strategy, and product execution of Pen-X.
As a fast-growing startup in a fast-paced industry, we rely on our team members to take the initiative. We are looking for people who are independent but collaborative employees who can adapt quickly to changing priorities, wear multiple hats, and proactively assist with solutions.
We are looking for avid problem-solvers, believers in DeFi and Web3, and the relentlessly curious. Your unique perspective will make Pen-X succeed.
You'll own a significant stake in Pen-X, so you'll have a vested interest in its success.
Know someone who might be interested? Ask us about our Contributor Referral Scheme.

How to Join

To join as a Pen-X contributor:
1. Read the Pen-X Whitepaper to familiarise yourself with the product and DAO.
2. Join the Pen-X Discord, have a look around and chat with our Pen-X staff.
3. Check our available roles on the Pen-X Job Board​
4. Fill out a Short Job Application.
*If you are interested in working in a role not advertised here or have an idea of what you would like to contribute to the Pen-X DAO, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch!

Roles Available

Depending on your role we offer different compensation packages. Long-term contributors will be given priority consideration for part- and full-time roles and will receive additional bonuses and incentives in the future.
To see which roles are currently hiring for head over to the Pen-X Job Board