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The Team

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Who founded Pen-X?

Pen-X was founded by Ionic and Alaska, two like-minded, skilled, experienced crypto-natives based in Europe.
Being active contributors in DeFi and the blockchain sector, they repeatedly felt the urge to deposit a portion of their Web3-Salaries into a diversified fund that could offer a decentralized alternative to their traditional pension plan. Read more about their vision for Pen-X.
Read more about Our Vision.

What is the intention?

The Pen-X team's ambition is to positively affect the lives of millions of people by providing the go-to retirement fund for the next generation of decentralized employees.
Creating a better life for the Web3 retirees of tomorrow is a conscious choice. Because of this, we only hire people who believe that this job can make a change.
This is our responsibility. This is our chance.

Who is part of PEN-X?

The contributors and the full-time employees of the Pen-X DAO are researchers, finance methodologists, software engineers, product designers, marketing experts, and community leaders. Collectively they have started over 20 companies, shipped products for millions of users, and run global business operations.
Working from an ever-growing number of countries and cultures, Pen-X turns to its users for continued inspiration for a better product and a better DAO.

Current Team


Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer — Permanent Senator — Europe [email protected]ionic#3780 @Ionic_eth
Ionic is a tech entrepreneur who has been leading product and development teams for the past ten years. He has raised VC funding for his businesses in the past.
Ionic is also the CEO of a software development agency. His company has engineered enterprise-scale software solutions for global clients.


Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer — Permanent Senator — Europe (GMT+1) [email protected]Alaska_eth#5110 @Alaska_eth
Alaska has 15 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing and Brand Consulting. He specialises in international brand building for consumer tech brands with a client portfolio spanning global brands like Volkswagen, Sony, TikTok, Zalando, Amazon, and Google. His work has been awarded with over 70 international awards, from Cannes Lions, D&AD, to New York Festival.
In 2020 Alaska won Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Award, which opened the door to working with leading thinkers and builders in Web3, and ultimately resulted in the founding of Pen-X with Ionic.


Chief Operating Officer — Senator — Europe (GMT+2) [email protected]
Ionic is a tech entrepreneur who has been leading product and development teams for the past ten years, with a particular focus on high-regulation industries. He has raised VC funding for his businesses in the past, including from some of Europe’s strongest funds, LocalGlobe and Seedcamp.
Ionic is also the CEO of a boutique software development and consultancy firm in London focused on workflow optimisation and process automation. His company has designed, built, and implemented enterprise-scale automation solutions for clients like Heineken and the UK's National Health Service (NHS).


Finance LeadContributorEurope (GMT+1)
Typhon holds a MSc. in Engineering and Quantitative Finance. He has five years of professional experience as a quant and trader in asset management and investment banking. Before his move to Web3, Typhon managed a $10 billion AuM portfolio of Quantitative Investments Strategies (multi-asset) for big corporate clients, insurance companies, and hedge funds.


Sr. Product StrategistContributorEurope (GMT-6)
Eerkle is a product and behavioural strategist for clients globally; including Stanley Black & Decker, Xbox, HP Inc., T-Mobile USA, and AT&T. His product audiences have ranged from B2B to B2C, with a recent emphasis on B2E (employees). Eerkle has led UX governance for over twenty product management teams and creates experience-oriented strategies from real humans to derive roadmaps that are value- and impact-focused.

Hayate Matsu

Blockchain DeveloperContributorEurope (GMT+9)
Solidity developer with relevant experience in developing smart contracts for products built on Set Protocol V2, including for Beverage Finance , where Hayate was responsible for work on the DRINK token, including the staking and liquidity mining contracts. He also has experience with writing automated smart contract tests. Finally, hayate has built Web3 React front ends from scratch with Ethers.js that included liquidity farming and staking functionality.
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