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Welcome to the Pen-X Community! We're so pleased to have you with us. Below are a few ideas to get started with your journey at Pen-X!

Stage 1 - Join us on Discord

This is where all our conversations are happening. Join the Pen-X Discord server now. After agreeing to our community "📜│rules", head to the "🌈│introductions" channel to introduce yourself!

Stage 2 - Learn about Pen-X

You're already in the best place to learn about what Pen-X does and how it works: the Gitbook Documentation!
If you're looking for a place to start, check out our Manifesto, have a look at the Pen-X Funds Overview, or read about the Pen-X Governance Token.

Stage 3 - Follow on Twitter

Say no more and show your support by following us on Twitter.

Stage 4 - Join a Pen-X Newcomers call

Drop in on any of the upcoming Newcomer's calls. Scheduled call times and links are published on a Public Calendar.
Read more on how to join the team.