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Finance Unit

Pen-X's long-term success and growth, its reputation, and eventually the livelihood of its retired members hinges on Pen-X's ability to devise investment strategies that consistently yield a good return.
The Finance Unit is responsible for this vital role of developing and implementing the investment strategies. This is the most complex and critical role of the Pen-X DAO.

Finance Unit Membership

DAO members with the requisite experience can apply to join the Finance Unit. The Finance Unit and the Senate decide whom to admit as a member. In case of disagreement, a final verdict is reached with a simple majority vote.
Given the importance of the Finance Unit, at least one Senator will always be a member of the Finance Unit.

Finance Unit Directives

Every month, the Finance Unit will be allocated a budget and directive.
The directives given to the Finance Unit will typically be to devise an Investment Strategy Proposal (ISP) that seeks to align all funds with their Fund Mission Statement.
As a semi-autonomous working group, the Finance Unit is responsible for deploying the capital allocated in a manner that it deems most effective in pursuing its directive, that is, the production of an appropriate ISP.
Having devised an ISP, the proposal will be passed to the Senate for approval. A simple majority vote is required for the motion to carry. The Finance Unit has 24 hours to submit an alternative proposal if the ISP is rejected.