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DAO Structure

The Pen-X DAO governance system balances decentralized governance with operational efficiency without compromising transparency.
The DAO consists of 4 internal structures, each outlined below.

The DAO Community

The cornerstone of Pen-X: the DAO Community.
Anyone can join the wider DAO Community. You can fully unlock the benefits of community members if you hold any amount of PENX tokens in your wallet.
As a PENX-holding DAO Member you can:
  • Vote on DAO proposals (PIPs);
  • Have your say in DAO Polls;
  • Access exclusive DAO Member discord-channels
  • Enjoy all the other benefits of holding PENX Governance Tokens.

The Senate

The Senate is an elected body of DAO Community members, called Senators, who are responsible for the meta-governance of the DAO. The Senate provides consistency and continuity in ensuring that the Pen-X DAO acts in accordance with its manifesto, core principles, and the will of the DAO Community.
There are always a total of precisely 5 Senators at any given time:
  • ​Ionic and Alaska are Permanent Senators. They hold the office perpetually are serve as backstop guarantors to ensure the DAO is kept true to it's Manifesto.
  • 3 additional Senators are elected each quarter by the DAO. Any DAO Community member can be proposed as a Senator.
If an active Senator leaves office during their term, the DAO immediately elects a new Senator to replace them.
If, after having passed a DAO vote, two Senators veto a joining Senator, the joining Senator’s appointment will be voided, and they will not become a Senator.
Senators are compensated according to the Contributor Compensation Schedule.

The Units

A core principle of the Pen-X DAO is the Unit Structure.
Units are semi-autonomous working groups designed to collaborate on specific operational areas within the DAO.
Empowering the Units with a degree of executive power has two key benefits:
  • Units act more efficiently without burden from governance overhead by not having put every decision to a vote;
  • Scalability.
Units derive legitimacy by their membership being voted on by the DAO Community and the Senate (which itself derives legitimacy through its being elected by the DAO).
The Senate and DAO also give and renew mandates to each Unit monthly, which provide directives for each Unit to work towards.
The Senate allocates a monthly budget from the DAO Treasury to each Unit. The internal governance of each Unit is responsible for deploying this capital in the manner it deems most effective for fulfilling the Unit’s received mandate.
The Units at launch are:
  • 🟠 Ops Unit
  • 🟢 Finance Unit(read more)
  • 🔵 Marketing Unit
  • ⚫️ Product Unit
  • 🟡 Specials Unit
  • ⚪️ Charity Unit
  • 🏛 Senate

The DAO Town Hall

The DAO Town Hall is a staff room for all Pen-X Partners to meet. All Contributors meet in full once weekly, though smaller sessions can be held more frequently for specific purposes.