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Community Principles

No matter where you work in the Pen-X DAO, there are some core qualities and values that we embrace and encourage:
Ambition: The drive to be a step ahead. To work ahead rather than wait. Accomplish great things through hard work and intelligent thinking. Consistently execute at an exceptional level and demand the same from everyone around you.
Innovation: Relish challenges that have no obvious outcome. Have the courage to push for outstanding and innovative answers with an elastic mind that sees the micro and the macro.
Entrepreneurialism: Be self-motivated and adaptive, caring for everything as if it's your own. No one knows what you need to work at your best, better than yourself. Let us know, and we'll try and make it happen.
Connectedness: Understand that we are more powerful being connected than working alone.
Creativity: We believe that ideas can come from anywhere and take any form. Focus on solving real consumer problems.
Curiosity: A relentless hunger to learn and grow. We are actively seeking new knowledge and experiences. Be fascinated by other perspectives and practices.
Authenticity: Speak the honest truth, even if it's not the most popular thing to say. Be completely genuine and trustworthy.