Pen-X Documentation

Add PENX to Wallet

Centralised exchange and custodial wallets WILL NOT WORK with the $PENX Token and we will not be able to help you. If you are in any doubt about what to use, create a wallet using MetaMask.

1. Ensure you are using a non-custodial wallet

Unless you know your way around Web3 already, we would recommend using MetaMask.
Many others exist, but we won't be able to help you if you aren't using MetaMask.

2. Add Polygon to your wallet

$PENX token exist on the Polygon network.
To add the Polygon network to your wallet Click Here, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Polygon Network at the bottom right.

3. Add $PENX Token data to your wallet

To see your $PENX Token balance, you need to add them to your MetaMask wallet.


The easiest way is to Click Here and press Add to MetaMask.
Note: Ensure you are on the Polygon (or "Matic") Network.


Open MetaMask and ensure you are on the Polygon (or "Matic") Network.
Click Assets, scroll to the bottom and click Import Token.
Fill the fields with the following information (see screenshots below):
Token Contract Address: 0xbF3D7dA6364Be6450872f4655db2c4a2803505db
Token Symbol: PENX
Token Decimal: 18

4. Verify $PENX on Discord Server

OK, almost there. Now you’ll now need to connect your wallet to the Pen-X Discord Server.

Step 1

Go to the Verify Access channel on the Pen-X Discord Server.Here's a shortcut direct to the channel:​

Step 2

Click “Join Pen-X”​

Step 3

Connect your Wallet and follow the instructions.If you followed our guide you are probably using MetaMask.​

Step 4

Hurray, you’re verified!Double check if the verification has worked by checking if your Discord Profile has a new role:​