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Welcome to the documentation of the Web3 Pension Protocol
"Imagine a world where decentralised workers, digital nomads, gamers and many other web3 cohorts can access secure retirement benefits typically reserved for full-time corporate employees." Alaska, Co-Founder Pen-X

What is Pen-X?

Pen-X is a decentralized pension fund.
We are a global community of finance professionals, and blockchain engineers focused on providing secure retirement benefits for the workforce of Web3.

How do we work?

Our protocol uses smart contracts that integrate with payroll systems, enabling workers and employers to contribute to retirement plans without jeopardizing privacy and security. Built on the ERC-20 standard, it leverages an open-sourced decentralized blockchain protocol.
The Pen-X Pension Fund is broadly diversified across on-chain assets, using yield farming and volatility target strategies to achieve long-term, stable returns in all market environments. The fund is currently being built & managed on the Set Protocol.

What is our goal?

Our mission is to give the next generation of Web3 businesses critical pension infrastructure to offer employees complete control of their financial future and maintain their standard of living in retirement, regardless of wealth, nationality or employment status.

The PENX Governance Token

The PENX token is our governance token, making every customer a board member. It allows token holders to help shape the future of the Pen-X protocol by voting on product design, investment strategy proposals, and even changing the governance system itself.
The PENX token is also used to reward contributors and partners across the globe.

Want to offer Pen-X to your team?

Whether you run a DeFi DAO, launched your own NFT project or manage a gaming guild, we collaborate with anyone who wants to give retirement security to their team.
Please reach out and ask about our partner bounty program.
Any saving and investment strategy puts your capital at risk. The above information is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.
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